As technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, concerns about privacy are also on the rise. With notable hacks on Sony, Chase, Target, and more, everyone from Boards to consumers is more concerned than ever about the security of their data – and regulators, analysts and investors are increasingly concerned about how companies are managing data-related risks.

This concern often causes a significant and specialized communications dilemma for many companies. A consistent cadence of media attention on data breaches has left the public both intrigued and ill-informed on the complexity of hacks, and the proper immediate response. Few audiences are aware of, let alone understand, the technical details that underpin data-related risks to a business, and the desire for constant, accurate information on the topic often collides with the legal and crisis communications playbooks that have become standard for a data-security incident.

The reality: data breaches and related privacy- and security-oriented risk management require an increasingly broad set of technical, legal, finance and communications skills. Protocols and preparation must extend both upstream – into more technical and forensic analysis – and downstream – into creation of custom online publishing systems that make relevant, non-actionable information more searchable and shareable for key audiences. FTI’s data security team spans this spectrum, from white-hat hackers and forensics experts, to crisis communications and social media specialists. This section of our TMT microsite provides select public insights into a cross-disciplinary, non-standard view of data privacy and security.

July 31, 2015
connected smart home house

Smart homes can be dumb when it comes to security

With home automation systems becoming ever smarter and more connected and with an increasing number of homes coming “online”, one could posit that our day-to-day life […]
June 15, 2015
European Drone Development

EU Looking to Invest in Drone Technology Research

Putting the ‘fund’ in fundamental safety While sitting down in a room full of suited bureaucrats and hammering out best-practices is certainly one way the EU […]
June 12, 2015
European Drone Regulation

EU Committee Discusses Drone Privacy and Security

Eye Sky with my little Fly The European Union (EU) is taking a long, hard look at how best to integrate drones, not only into European […]