About Us

Our Approach

FTI Strategic Communications uses research-driven insights; expert networks; and multi-media content to shape how clients and third parties find, absorb and share business-critical information. We serve clients with seasoned senior professionals – who analyze, define and act by drawing on the knowledge and influence of FTI as a whole. Many firms offer competent messaging. Few if any reliably provide our hallmark: results-driven communications systems that shape confidence in an organization’s future and explain its decisions in the past.

The FTI Difference

Other advisory firms force clients to choose between business expertise and skill with communications. FTI does not. No other advisory firm has our combination of capabilities and relationships. Communications agencies lack our legal, financial engineering and operational experience. Consulting firms lack our dedicated bench depth and full-service marketing communications client portfolios. Our range of capabilities – from public affairs, to lobbying, to capital markets, corporate advocacy and digital and social media – means that clients get the services they need, not just whatever subset is available.

We engineer confidence in technology-based businesses

Tech-based businesses have a different, more complex risk profile because, if successful, they are, by nature, disruptive. That disruption guarantees uncertainty and only sometimes value. FTI’s Telecom, Media & Technology sector, however, is expert at turning timely, targeted communications into crystalized value that not only persuades prospective stakeholders to “buy”, but more importantly secures their “buy-in”.

Our core team integrates hackers, military and tech journalists, bloggers, financial analysts and sales experts who help companies think differently about the future of their business as it relates to technology, markets and regulation.